November 5, 2013 Michael Rupe

Google Showing Personalized Meta Data (+1’s) in Non-Personalized Search Results

Google Seems To Be “Blending” Personalized Google+ Data (+1’s) With Non-Personalized Search Results

I was doing some research this evening and for the first time I noticed that Google was displaying personalized meta data (+1’s) from Google+ even when I select “hide personalized results”.  So now we begin the “blending” of “generic search” and “personalized search” within Google search results.

For those that have been discounting “personalized search results”, I think it is time for you to take another serious look, and start to do the things necessary to take advantage of where Google is heading.

At this point Google doesn’t seem to be modifying the rankings when selecting “hide private results”, but they are starting to display personalized elements within the search UI.

Here is a screen capture of what I’m seeing in my results:



Are you seeing Google +1 data in your non-personalized search results?


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